Betvis Three Generations Digital Signage Display Enters Buick 4S Shop

Betvis Three Generations Digital Signage Display Enters Buick 4S Shop

Buick Auto is the earliest and the most representative car customers of Betvis. In the past six years, Betvis has provided Buick with Dandelion Digital signage, touch screen digital signage and intelligent service terminals three generations digital signage products.These digital products has been serving hundreds of thousands of users a day in the Buick car nationwidely, playing an irreplaceable role in the client business!

The First-Generation Product

Dandelion digital signage, based on the Betvis V2.0 information isssuing system, solutions include cloud servers, content management software, terminal all in one digital signage and professional DMP team. Dandelion service is characterized by: convenience, quick response, safety and being reliable!


The Second-Generation Product

The second generation –touch display machine,is mainly for a full range of information display for new car ,such as engine performance, parameters, interior and exterior View details, real driving experience in different environments, warranty and maintenance information, 3D modeling, which provides lifelike image and experience.


The Third-Ggeneration Product

The third generation– intelligent service terminals, integrates the entire whole system in one including daily information management, vehicle display, test drive business, data query, members Management, waiting area entertainment and electronic mall functions. It can be said that one terminal solves a big part of business, greatly increased the service function, saving manpower expenses! The third generation of intelligent service terminals is deserved to be intelligent hardware!