Digital Signage Software


Betvis’s DSM80 software is the trustworthy platform for Betvis media players to build a successful digital signage system. It offers rich features and functionality with intuitive interface and easy-to-use tools, helping you to deliver an awe-inspiring digital signage experience.

Powerful, stable, scalable, and absolutely easy to use, DSM80 Software is the ultimate digital signage software you will ever need to get an amazing display.

Digital Signage Software


  • Build for ordinary display, video wall or stretched display
  • Choose the appropriate resolution and screen orientation
  • Templates are available
  • Drag-and-drop tools
  • What you see is what you get
  • Video, image, text, html, rss, live feeds, IP streams and more
  • Intuitive and flexible playlist
  • Powerful scheduling function
  • Interactive content for touch screen, scanner, motion sensor, etc
  • Preview before publishing


  • Everything is packaged for one button publishing
  • Distribution via networking or removable storage device
  • Separate the processes of building and publishing
  • Auditing before publishing for teamwork and safety
  • Modify your presentation anytime to get instant result
  • Publish once and get updates forever without republishing
  • Use tag function for automatic updating after file changing


  • Server can be located in cloud or local
  • No limit on the network, location, or number of players
  • Web based interface and login authentication
  • Monitor the status of players remotely
  • Control and manage players remotely
  • Playback statistics of players and files
  • Account permissions and user logs