How to Refresh Transportation with Digital Signage

Have you felt boring during daily commute? Are you tired of watching static & less-update poster in bus station or railway platform? It’s time to refresh!
In this changing world, developing techology assists people to chase a better life. Therefore, Smart City emerges as the era requires. Transportation, as an integral part of whole project, should be upgraded to adapt to the advancement through Digital Signage.

Betvis has participated in many bus digital signage projects. We make the most suitable solutions for customers by well-considered preparation at start. It is very confident so far to say that Betvis solutions are very mature and stable, which have been widely applied in most cases.
Betvis not only provides pretty hardware, but also deal with software.

– Sparkle on Hardware :
· Shake-proof design & Robust mounting bracket. (Prevent screens dropping down during driving.)
· Wide bus power on/off delay regulator. (Adapt to changing voltage & Keep working when occassionally power off.)
· Aviation-class plug. (Keep perfect connection)
· Built in 3G/4G and optional GPS. (Stable transmission & Position Monitoring)

– Highlight on Software :
DSM80 software plays with PIS (Passenger Information System).
The administrator could remotely monitor and control all buses in fantastic way – update contents in fast, publish commands in sync., and even rent ads space to create income.
Drivers easily send voice message to passenger.
Passengers could enjoy scrolling image or video, while they can get real-time routine/station notice from sceens near the door.

A mobile display which broadcast news, entertainment, ads… becomes the active “spoon-feeding” of the reading media to maximize the attention of attracting passengers, which presumably can get a good publicity effect.

Actually, digital signage in subway or platform fits with similar methods like the above. It is worthy to mention that Stretched Display perfectly be the first option in such sites. This model is born with real-time, flexible and large-capacity, which display super clear image and give audience a perfect visual impact.

In transportation, there are still many areas waiting for being explored. Betvis should keep walking in bring forth new ideas with digital signage, to help users who choose us to achieve their blueprint.