15,000+ screens for Bus Online across major cities in China

Since 2010, Betvi has established great cooperation realitionship with Bus Online, the largest mobile CCTV provider in China with more than 10 years history in providing bus mobile network and bus Wifi Solution.More than 10,000 bus digital signage lcd display has been installed in buses from Online bus for bus application.

As is well known, bus application environment is much more extreme and complicated than indoor digital signage application environment, which involves in more strict requirements for shake-proof design.In addition, each bus digital signage project has different needs for bus screen installation, some requires for ceiling mount, while others requires for pole mounting with versatile bus pole size. In this way, bus digital signage screen is customized digital signage differs from indoor digital signage, thus there is no standard
bus screen can meet all of bus digital signage projects.

Betvis rich experience in digital signage cases and outstanding developing ability makes bus online bus screen project easily to fillful.


Betvis Bus Screen Highlights:

1. Highly Robust Anti-shcok Design

Betvis bus advertising lcd screen is with stable and firm metal housing supporting the whole structure, making it firm to resistant the strong shark on bus.

2. Wide Power Voltage Design

The voltage on the bus is not stable, which has a higher requirement for the power board used for bus digital signage LCD Display. Betvis bus digital signage LCD display adopts wide voltage ranging from 9v to 36v input to protect the LCD display from the unstable power environment on bus.