4000 buses in Istanbul, Turkey.

With the growing development of public transportation, the awareness of environmental protection has generally risen. More and more people no longer hold passive attitudes towards environmental protection but rather active environmental protection awareness. It has gradually become a trend that people come out from their private car, but go out by public transport. With the rapid increase in the number of people using public transport, bus digital signage system advantages have become increasingly prominent. 

To make full use of this trend, Istanbul takes initial to adopt the bus digital signage in buses all over the city. It imports more than 4,000 pcs dedicated digital signage media player from Betvis for bus information issuing and advertising promotion.


Betvis bus advertising media player box is specially made for digital content release on bus. It supports central management in one PC from head office via 3G, well solved the problem of widely-deployed bus situation and bus without internet cable available issue, making it convenient for system owners to control all the bus screens without going on site.

What also matters is that Betvis smart media player provides level-to-level rights management, facilitate harmonious cooperation between bus company and advertising company with each other using one system.

By adopting Betvis digital signage media player, Istanbul city creates a comfortable and richful experience for passengers. Multiple channels can be brought into the content, including live TV programs from several Istanbul TV channels and also RSS news can be brought to the screen for watching.


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