800 buses in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

In 2015, Betvis has successfully fulfiled a bus digital signage project in Kuala Lumpur with cooperation with ASSA Tech. More than 800 buses has been installed Betvis bus digital signage screen with bundled CMS System.

The bus advertising digital signage, as the only source of viewing in bus, is unavoidable for us, directly targeting the major consumer groups in the market. The combination of images and sounds, high-frequency playback have enabled people to receive advertising information unconsciously while enjoying visual entertainment, bringing good publicity to companies and products.


Transport vehicle digital signage is different from indoor digital signage as there is not much such project in the market and different projects have different functionalities requirement. It faces difficulties of unstable bus power supply and moving and shaking bus environment, making digital signage application environment extreme and complicated.

First of all, power supply is not stable on bus especially when the bus is started off and shuted down, which will cause damage to lcd panel and mothboard because of the the surge of the power. Betvis digital signage advertising screen well solved this problem by adopting power on/off delay regulator to delay the time of the screen power on when driver strats off the engine and delay the time of the screen power off when driver shut down the engine.

Another issue ASSA put forward was the bus screen installation method, and they want to put the screen ceiling mount to make sure that passengers on the screen can well watch the screen without any shelter. In this way, it has strict requirements for safety consideration both for passengers and screen. With long history in digital signage, Betvis is professional in bus digital signage design and has gone through anti-shock test, which guarantees the stability of the screen under any strong shock happening during driving.


Besides the hardware part, Betvis also provides user-friendly sever software for the remotely central management for the bus screens. Operators can control all the bus screens all over the city in one head office without going in site. To solve the unavailable network of bus screen, Betvis digital signage system supporting updating contents via 3G/4G well solved this problem. In addition, there is no need to keep the 3G/4G working all the time, only ensure that it's working when content is sending from sever to screens will be ok, once the advertising content is downloaded successfully, the screen will automatically display from the local memory without using 3G/4G any more.

Another highlights is that Betvis supporting universal media format, which meets the needs among bus company for router information showing, advertising company for advertising showing and city governor for city image information showing, involving image, videos, HTML 5, RSS, text, weather, time...