Digital Signage Solution for Ford 4S Stores


Chang’ an automobile is the leading brand among Chinese automobile manufacturing enterprises. It is the first Chinese brand car manufactures with its production and sales volume accumulated to over 10 million vehicles, ranking the top of branded cars sales volume in the last 10 years. As is published in the international automobile manufactures association (OICA), China Chang’ an automobile group independently produced 1.68 millions of cars, ranking the 1st among Chinese automobile enterprises, 13th in global automakers in 2010.

It is not an easy thing to stay the top in sales record, and to stand out from the competition with other branded car manufacturers both international and national. One of the most remarkable measures taken by chang’ an Ford is to set up comprehensive digital signage stores, upgrading all 4S stores to a high-tech level.


Betvis Solution for Ford 4s store

Unlike Toyotal and GM 4s stores, who installed classic free standing kiosk with portrait screens in 2 years ago. Ford company put forward to have a landscape touch screen that visitors can swipe and click the screen via fingers easily and comfortable, rather than heading up and raising their hand highly on the vertical screen, like people do in Toyotal and GM 4s stores.


Why Betvis

Over months of design and modification, Betvis finally accomplished the prototype that won the Ford principals hearts. The kiosk is covered with silver metal housing, shinning with gloss, and supported by a concise base with a proper height. Nevertheless the inclined horizontal 55 inch screen allow viewers to watch the screen with a comfortable gesture, searching the vehicle model, configurations, internal structure and other related information on the big screen. The extraordinary touch screen kiosk with windows system runs stable and smoothly, and get highly praise from consumers and Ford staff. They roll out the kiosk over 200+ 4s store in a few months.

With first class assembling line and professional workers, Betvis manufactured more than 2,500 kiosk for Ford 4s stores. And with more 4S stores opening up in the following years, we will provide more high quality kiosk for Ford.