GM BUICK 4S Store Digital Signage Project


Buick is the sub-brands of General Moters Company, established in 1903 by David Buick, named after its founder. In 1908, Buick’s annual production volume reached 8,820 vehicles, ranking first in the United States. In 2012, GM sold 9,285,991 vehicles worldwide, second to Totoya, with China and U.S as the most principal market.

To maintain the growth in Chinese market in the following years, GM company set up 4s stores in all the large and middle cities and expanded rapidly than ever. With time goes by, the traditional posters and banner outside the store looked dull and not environmentally. The GM Buick 4s stores first come up with the idea to renew the banners into a digital one and also establish new system to update promotion information, meanwhile, it would be better if there is games to interact with visitors.

Betvis Solution for GM BUICK

Betvis provide different digital signage screens for Buick 4s stores

1.46 inch free standing kiosk

The customized kiosk was generally in pearl white color, and finished with shining metal bezel, and marked with silk screen logo ” BUICK ”. It is the main digital signage kiosk produced by Betvis for all GM Buick 4s stores all over China. The FUll HD screen was used to play videos of Buick company introduction and store promotion messages.



2.19 inch free standing LCD displays

The display was placed in the exhibition center, playing automobile info, including car picture, capability, basic configurations and structure, replacing the old pamphlet. It allow customers to check all details related to the model. Powered by our digital signage system, the content can be easily updated locally in the store or remotely from headquarter.

3.32 inch stand alone wall mount LCD display

The 32 inch screens were wall mounted in a row near the conference table, playing same content, usually promotions. Since the promotion only works in the store, they wanted update the content locally by USB stick or SD card. A none network screen was provided to cut the budget.

4.19 inch PC-based tablet at sitting area

The tablet was designed to be as ligh and slim as possible, with windows system, it can be used as a PC for work and also enabled customers to play games or check different vehicle styles. The tablet entertained customers and created a better buying experience.

The Result

During the last 2 years, Betvis helped Buick 4S to set up their own server and network in all its 4s stores in China. Betvis Digital signage system and the screens had proved to be a great help to the

Buick 4s Stores, the Buick staff saved a lot of time and energy on the digital ads, and they saw an increasing customers and growth in sales.