Greece pharmacy chains 800+ media players

BETVIS more than 800 digital signage media players enters the local pharmacy chain stores in Greece in 2012, providing convenience and efficiency for both chain store clients and workers.

The common way for pharmacies is using medicine cabinets or glass cabinets to display medicines.With so many numerous kinds of drugs, people who come to buy always feel confused. In this way, they can only turn to pharmacy staff for help. But when there is a peak period for drug purchase, pharmacy personnel cannot load a large number of consumers, customer's buying experience will be influenced and cause  bad impression of the drug store.

Pharmacy advertising has always been a difficulty for most retail pharmacy chains, for traditional ways of advertising are lack of charm and efficiency, always requiring too much time and energy. Betvis now makes pharmacy advertising easier than ever by building a comprehensive digital signage system involving all aspects from content strategy to physical installation and on-site maintenance, featuring highly engaging display and excellent advertising effects.


Remarkable Advantages Brings by Betvis Smart Digital Signage Advertising box :

  1. Improving consumer shopping experiences and services is conducive to creating more consumer opportunities.
  2. It Can make all kinds of information update in time and reach consumers quickly.
  3. Can provide medical knowledge to consumers, help to enhance the pharmacy image.
  4. Solved the quantification of the promotion effect, making low-cost and even zero-cost promotion possible.
  5. Accelerate the circulation of goods and effectively increase the operational efficiency of traditional businesses.
  6. There is equal to reducing the cost of printing propaganda, reducing labor costs, and enriching the video content of drugs, and environmental protection.