Hankou High-speed Railway Station Digital Signage


Hankou railway station is one of the largest European style railway station in China, located in Jianghan district of wuhan city--the largest city in central China. Every since its foundation in 1898 and reestablishment in 2008,  Hankou railway station have send tens of millions of passengers. Railway station is always with the large passenger flow volume, the management of visitor flow and announcement is of great importance to operators.

To better deploy the announcements in the station, Hankou railway station introduces PIS (passenger information system) and digital signage system.

As one of the leading digital signage manufacturers in China, Betvis had cooperated with big media company and installed thousands of digital signage terminals in railway stations in China, to name a few, Hongqiao Railway Station in Shanghai, Beijing South Railway Station, Hankou Railway Station in Wuhan, etc.



what we do in Hankou railway station


1. 84 inch super-large LCD kiosk


The standard size screen can not meet their requirement any more, Hankou railway station need super large screen to be installed in the hall to be more noticeable and remarkable. At that time, 84 inch panel is the biggest one is digital signage field. Only a few digital signage manufacturers are capable of producing super large free standing kiosks like this. The kiosk with dimension 2026mm*1233mm, the big screen can be seen easily and clear even from a long distance. With 6mm tempered glass and 3mm metal housing, the kiosk is strong and stable enough to avoid vandalism.

The giant kiosk were places at departure gates and lobby, playing both commercials and way-finding info, as well as train schedule.

2. 65" digital signage wall mount display  


The 65" display is ceiling mounted at the top of ticket window, and also wall mounted on pillars of waiting hall. All screens are installed with our DSM80 system, integrated with passenger information system, displaying train timetable, and station information, delivering emergency and alerts if necessary. A few of them are playing amusement videos, which help to entertain the passengers and reduce their perceived waiting time.


3. Comprehensive Information Publish System

The information public system is the integrated system of our content management system and Hankou railway's passenger information system. It enables real time updating of train timetable, and emergence announcements. The data can be collected and  export into excel form at the backstage, which relieves the work load of the operators and improve working efficiency.


After a test run for one week, the whole system turned out to be running smoothly. System administrators from both railway station and media operator were learning quickly, handling the management very well. Now they are looking for more possibilities in creating communications with passengers via social media, store discount coupon and third-party QR codes. Since the system is open, all these possibilities can come into reality without any great effort. Hopefully passengers will get more amazing experience very soon when they pass through Hankou railway station.