Intelligent bus station system in Chengdu, China

Chengdu is the most vibrant city in Southeast China. In 2015, Betvis participated in the bus station digital signage project in order to improve this city’s image and public service. At the same time, it creates great advertising opportunities for the local media companies.


The bus station LCD digital signage players feature touch screen. Passengers can easily find the detailed information, such as locations nearby, scenic spots, hotels and restaurant, landmarks and timetables of the buses, by touching the LCD screen. If not being touched for some time, the program will be back to the loop one.

All of the hardware is controlled by Betvis DSM80 CMS software via city Wi-Fi coverage service. Bus routes and videos about Chengdu can be added to the program, and played on the screens after downloaded in the terminals. More importantly, the system is open to media companies, and they can deploy their ads in all of the stations targeting the passengers waiting for the buses. Other potential great opportunities are there for media companies to tap and integrate.