Istanbul metro digital signage, Turkey

In 2008, Istanbul was busy enlarging its metro system from 2 to 5 lines. Meanwhile, local system integrator began to look for a complete information publishing system for the subways. After comprehensive investigation and evaluation, they targeted Betvis as their business partner. Over the past years, Betvis had provided over 2,000 terminals for Istanbul’s 5 metro lines. In the near future, more digital signage products in various types will be deployed across Turkey for their emerging city metro lines. The advantages of Betvis’ metro digital signage solution are as follows:


Reliable Subway Solution

In order to guarantee the stability of the signal, Betvis adopted high quality anti-vibration and anti-electromagnetic interference UTP and aviation connectors. For the terminal LCD screen, original high-quality LCD monitors were chosen, with additional shock-proof metal housing. All of the screens were adaptive to 9V-36V vehicle power requirements. Network topology was used in the deployment of the signal source, covering all the terminals, so as to achieve high-quality, high-definition screen synchronization display in different cabinets.

Excellent CMS Software

DSM80, which was developed by Betvis, was the main part of the software. Integrated with a module specifically designed for this subway project, all the train terminals can be playing synchronized to broadcast Turkish tourism promotional videos, media advertisements, real-time news and weather forecasts, all in preset schedules. Other information, like subway running tips, will be triggered by manual assignment. For the media advertising content, a comprehensive statistics report will be generated automatically by DSM, regarding the broadcast time, thereby providing solid data for metro operator to attract advertising.