Netherlands Faco Pharmacy 1100+ media players

Faco Pharmacy is a franchised store brand of cosmeceutical and Pharmaceuticals in Netherlands. All drugs and cosmetics are displayed in cabinet or glass showcases, the only way to get recipe is to consult the pharmacy staff. However, what will you do when there are too many patient waiting ahead of you?

What if the pharmacy display drug information and recipe for different symptom on smart wall mount display and kiosk? The smart screens not only  inform the consumers of detailed drug function and scope of applications, but also increasing the pharmacy staff working efficiency.


Adopting our information deploy system and smart screens, the Faco franchised stores benefits in:

1. Improve consumer shopping experience and services and help create more consumer opportunities.

2. Update various information in time and reach consumers quickly.

3. Provide consumers with medical knowledge, help to improve the pharmacy image.

4. Solve the quantification of promotional effects, making low-cost and even zero-cost promotions possible.

5. Accelerate the circulation of goods and effectively improve the operational efficiency of traditional businesses.

6. Reduce printing cost on traditional pamphlet and labor costs, and enrich the video content and environmental protection of drugs.

With the help of information screens, consumers are recommended of treatment with drugs and attention, greatly reduce the work load of the pharmacy staff.