Restaurants in Hongkou Plaza, Shanghai

In 2015, collaborated with local media company Shishang, which focuses on restaurant media business, Betvis provided over 100 kiosks for almost all of the restaurants located in Hongkou plaza.


The highlight of these kiosks lies in the queue management system, which is integrated with Betvis powerful user-friendly DSM80 CMS software. With the help of the system, customers can easily get a queue number from the counter, and wait for the kiosk to announce their numbers. Besides, some of the kiosks are equipped with a printer, and they can directly get their number printed, more convenient when the counter is crowded.

“We are very satisfied with the kiosk. They are amazing, especially when the counter is busy with the orders. Currently, more and more people tend to get their queue number through kiosks. Most importantly, we can make our own advertisement and marketing materials digitally, and our sales volume increases a lot compared with traditionally ways”, said a restaurant manager in Hongkou Plaza.