Social wall in CapitaLand, Chengdu, China

Founded in 2000, CapitaLand is a Singapore based real estate company. As one of Asia’s largest real estate companies, it develops greatly in China in recent years, covering office, shopping mall and other high-quality real estate products and services. In 2016, Betvis worked with CapitaLand in terms of a 3x4 giant social video wall project at the entrance of CapitaLand in Chengdu.


The giant video wall makes it simpler and easier to aggregate all social media posts mentioning different brands or hashtags and display them on screen. Besides, people can play games in it, and the procedure is to sign up, login, take a photo, and start the game. For kinetic games, players can control the virtual car or boat by moving their bodies. Certain access is set by the operation team of CapitaLand, for example, customers have to sign up and become a member first before playing the games. If someone shares his game scores on the social wall, he may get coupons or membership scores.

The manager of CapitaLand in Chengdu speaks highly of the social wall, “it not only helps to attract a lot of people around, but also increase our sales volume greatly in recent months”.