Subway stores in USA


As the largest single-brand restaurant chain and the largest restaurant operator, Subway is one of the fastest-growing franchises worldwide. In 2016, Subway stores in Las Vegas upgraded their traditional menu boards to digital ones by adopting Betvis professional restaurant digital signage solution.

Betvis DSM80 CMS Software supports multi-zone display and various media formats, such as video, image, web page, rss, etc. Designers can add the elements according to their marketing requirements. Images or videos of food and beverages can be displayed in various dynamic effects, making them look more attractive. Meanwhile, prices can be displayed and updated from pricing database automatically after integrated with DSM80, improving the efficiency. The screens can display each independent menu lists like separate LCD sign board, or work together like a stretched screen display. All the screens are connected to the server via internet, allowing them to be managed by a centralized administrator or users with different permission levels, thus remote control and centralized management can be achieved.

Store managers in Subway speak highly of DSM80 CMS Software, and hope to work closely with us for the digital signage projects in the near future.