TESCO in Thailand

Owning more than 600 convenience stores and supermarkets across the country, TESCO Thailand has been the second largest retailor in Thailand for decades.In 2013,  TESCO Thailand imported more than 100 digital signage screens for its flagship supermarket  from Betvis for advertising promotion and information issuing.

Promoting sales in video form is a new promotion method for the gradual emergence of the shopping mall chain industry. Its basic implementation is to place digital signage products such as, all in one digital signage lcd display, digital shelf tag and stretched lcd display in places suitable for shopping malls, such as public hallways, important shelves, etc.; to continuously broadcast promotional information of certain products through the way of circular scrolling, such as the functional introduction, preferential information, and services of this product. Protection, etc., attracts consumers' attention in the form of illustrations, deepens consumers' understanding of the product, and prompts consumers to purchase.


To show TESCO'S logo and slogan as a sign, It adopts 5 pcs floor standing super thin bezel LCD video wall at the entrance of supermarket. Betvis video wall screen adopts Samaung/LG  high definition original LCD panel and stable LED backlight, which is  stable and supports long working time of 24*7*365.

The most installed were stretched digital signage lcd display, some of which were hang from the ceiling over the sales stacks, others were installed on the top of shelves, showing dynamic images and promotion videos right above people’s heads, drawing much more attention.

12 inch double-side screen is another highlight. On those shelves with larger space in front, some double-side screens were installed perpendicular to the shelf, allowing viewers from both sides of the screen to watch the dynamic signs.