Tops SUPER STORE in Thailand

As one of the largest supermarket chain brands in Thailand, Tops Super Store enjoys great advantages of huge potentials for advertising. To make full use of this advantage, Tops Super Store has purchased free standing digital signage kiosk and stretched digital signage screen from Betvis to attract more consumer's attention and reach the gold of increasing sales results.

What attracts people most is the transparent screen on refrigirators in Tops Super Store. With the transparent screen in front of the refrigirators, people can easily see what is put in the refrigirato for selling but also can watch the images and videos on the outside of the refrigirato, making it look like a magic mirror.


The sales results from Tops staff show that refragirators with transparent screens increase about 40 percent for beverages and drinks.

Floor standing digital signage lcd display with  silk-printed brand logo of Tops Super Store were placed at the entrance for welcoming and greeting. It can be used for both advertising promotion information showing bus also useful information like floor and area distribution.

Hanging on the shelves of  Tops Super Store is Betvis 12inch double-sides stretched lcd display, displaying price tag and also goods information, allowing viewers from both side of the shelf to see its content.