Turkey chain drugstores 1000+ media players

Demedya, a digital media system integrator in Istanbul, Turkey, provided over 500 digital signage players and screens to the local leading pharmacy chains from 2012 by working with Betvis and adopting Betvis digital signage system.

“We are lucky to have Betvis as our digital signage supplier. They can do pretty much everything on products and services for us.” said Mustafa, chief engineer of Demedya.

Pharmacy advertising has always been a difficulty for most retail pharmacy chains, for traditional ways of advertising are lack of charm and efficiency, always requiring too much time and energy. Betvis now makes Demedya pharmacy advertising easier than ever by building a comprehensive digital signage system involving all aspects from content strategy to physical installation and on-site maintenance, featuring highly engaging display and excellent advertising effects.


Based on 10-year-long experience on digital signage solution for medical industry at home and abroad, Betvis is now ready to build a complete digital signage system for any pharmacy, drugstore, clinic and hospital.

Betvis offers a complete series of digital signage options for all possible application locations within a drugstore, with products including floor-standing kiosks, wall mount digital signage, stretched LCDs and shelf menus. The complete digital signage eco-system delivers an immersive atmosphere to all customers.

1.Powerful Content Strategy

Betvis has the ability to design content strategy for you and your clients regarding any particular advertising requirement, with the content ranging from weather forecast, local news, advice of the day, pharmacy announcements, OTC drug brand advertising, cosmetics, sanitary articles to medical supplies and medical services.

2.Multi-pharmacy & Multi-user Management

Multi-pharmacy & multi-user management is available when multiple-level management is necessary in some case. The system administrator can assign different limits of authority to different pharmacies and users, encouraging more participation and contribution, while avoiding disordered management at the same time.

3.Real-time Player Monitoring

Users can remote check and monitor the real time status of their players, to make sure all the players are playing the right content and working properly. This significantly improves the system security and effectiveness, saving the trouble of checking each player onsite one by one. Once a fault is detected, the user can directly solve the problem from remote by changing terminal settings, updating system, or rebooting player.