UNIQLO brand promotion kiosk

Having target consumers mainly from young office workers and students, UNIQLO in Vanke Shopping mall in Shanghai planned to introducing a batched of high-tech interactive kiosk to improve brand recognition and boost sales among these youngsters. They want something especial, not only deliver promotion messages and new arrival, but also interact with customers, like photo taking and playing games.

Accordance with their requirements, Betvis customized a free standing style kiosk in pearl white appearance, the built in Windows XBOX making the design stand out at our first proposal to UNIQLO headquarter. The Kinect XBOX is launched by micro company, it is a  3D somatosensory camera, which introduces real-time dynamic capture, image identification, microphone input, voice recognition, community interaction, and so on. Game Players can drive in the game, interact with other players, sharing pictures and information with other Xbox players through the Internet. How fascinating it is!

Equipped with elegant kiosk at the entrance of the store, with new arrivals displaying on the screen, and music surrounding, UNIQLO store draw an increasing viewers attention and renew the sales record.


As for the content management software, we developed it with new functions than ever.The most practical one is new product menu on the top, so passer-bys can view all the new arrivals and recommendation collocation, what's more, they can see which style item is on promotion.

With web-based structure, UNIQLO head office can give out coupons to all terminal kiosk in each franchise store. Consumers can scan the QR code on the screen, and get the coupons after subscribing UNIQLO  wechat official account. In this way, UNIQLO gets an rapid growth with fans and followers overnight.

Another highlight on the software, we adopts a questionnaire on the last page of menu, enabling customers to submit feedback on service, and new arrivals, which contribute for a better management on the franchise stores in return.

“Comments have been absolutely positive for our new customer service kiosks, and the comments are coming from our customers and our own employees. This digital project thing has to be the most brilliant decision our top leaders have made so far this year.”