Volkswagen Dealership 4S Store Digital Signage System

In the general downturn of the automotive industry today, the Chinese auto market is one of the best companies in the world, making every automaker invest more in the Chinese market. In the increasingly fierce competition, the automobile 4S shop is a tangible market with outstanding personality and unified cultural concept. The high-quality service and its consistency in the channels make the 4S shop of automobile enhance the brand awareness of automobile and establish the image of automobile manufacturer. There are advantages and effects that cannot be ignored.

As one of the leading role in the 4S industry, since its entrance to China in early 1980s, Volkswagen has remained being one of the most popular vehicle brand names in China for decades. How to stand out in the ever-increasing competition, to better sell corporate products, improve service quality, and to improve the culture of automotive 4s stores is a major issue for Volkswagen to consider for long-term development.

To improve its brand image and make a live in the increasing competition,  Shanghai Volkswagen reached to Betvis for digital signage kiosk to give all of their 4S stores a brand new face and experience.

Compared with the traditional publicity methods such as product flyers, posters and light boxes,  Betvis digital signage system has brought great convenience to both Volkswagen and its customers. This new experience model allows more and more customers to enter the market. Participate in the interaction, and its digital network system built using digital signage has greatly improved the user experience of auto 4s shops, which has brought customers and manufacturers closer together and made the overall service of auto 4s shops even more advanced. Building, laid the foundation for promoting the development of automotive manufacturers.


For Volkswagen:

  1. User-friendly operation interface.

Operators can use the editing and publishing software without special training, can freely publish various texts, icons, videos, iamges and other information anytime and anywhere, and integrate their information into a digital signage to advertise on the screen.

2. Easy maintainance

BETVIS digital signage system can automatically play without any special management operation. Even if the terminal player accidentally power off, the system will automatically replay after re-powering, without human operation.

3. Real-time Release.

Immediately release emergency information, emergencies, and play media files to realize the simultaneous release of real-time information such as car purchase information, model numbers, discounts, and promotions.

4. Stability and safety.

Betvis Digital Signage uses a highly stable embedded design that is not susceptible to viruses. It can control the playback of all non-audited programs, effectively ensuring the security of media transmission.

5. Easy to reflect the customer's personality.

Betvis Digital Signage is a new type of technology product produced by the integration of network technology, multimedia broadcast technology, and software component development and integration technology. It is a user-oriented technology and users can easily learn to produce various advertising signs.


For customers:

1. BETVIS digital signage system can actively and intuitively tell users a variety of services and activities, as well as preferential discount opportunities. Through the dynamic playback of video, the visual and auditory dual effects are achieved, attracting the attention of customers, and subtly improving the desire of customers to purchase.

2. The full record of the customer's purchase process has increased the customer's reliance on the company's brand, closely linked the enterprise and the customer, and brought the old customer to the new customer, making the new customer become the old customer. The role of vehicle sales is enormous.

3. The facts of the information on the models of the auto 4s stores were released to give users intuitive feelings. Secondly, the display of exquisite advertisements attracted the attention of customers and extended the customer's stay.

4. Promotional discounts and other information are very intuitive to enter the customer's eye, compared with the original traditional flyers, passive and active, and can firmly seize customers.

5. The sales status of each car and the display of the pick-up time after payment have established sufficient communication between the car 4s shop and the customer, which has greatly improved customer satisfaction.