Volvo Dealership 4S Store Digital Communication Project


Volvo, Sweden's famous luxury car brand, which has ever been translated into the rich. The brand was founded in 1927 in Gothenburg, Sweden, The Volvo group set up its first Chinese office in Beijing in 1992, and celebrated its 20th anniversary of Volvo's development in China in 2012. At that time, all of the group's business filed and services had introduced in China, covering 22 provinces and autonomous regions, with about 6,000 employees in China.China has become the only "home" market outside Sweden's headquarter that owns all of its operations.


In 2011, Volvo chose Shanghai as its headquarters in China. Endowed with special honor and responsibility, Shanghai headquarters attached great importance to enrich consumers buying experience and improve pre-sale and after sale services. Volvo shanghai 4s stores are the first followers among automobile makers in China to digital signage technology, and equipped the store with advanced facilities and digital signage screens.

“It didn’t surprise us when they told us that they want digital signage kiosks in their 4S stores. Most automobile 4S stores in China are planning to use, if haven’t already used, digital signage to improve their brand image, certainly Volvo didn’t want to be left behind.” -John Jiang, Products Manager of Betvis Digital Signage

With 106 4s stores in different locations in China, centralized management seems the most tough and also desperately needed for the headquarter in Shanghai. They come up with request as below,

  • Centralized manage 1,500 to 2,000 screen in different locations
  • Both headquarters and distributors in all volve 4s stores can update content
  • Remote monitor screen status and check what’s playing on the screen
  • Support multi media formats, like RSS news and website
Solution from Betvis


Luckily, all above requirement is approved by our DSM80 content management. Additionally with over 10 year’s experience in manufacturing digital signage product, and good reputation at home and aboard. Betvis is undoubtedly to be the provider of both the digital signage kiosks and also software.



As for the kiosk, Volvo chose the classic floor standing kiosk with a vertical screen, with concise design and conspicuous silk screen logo”volvo”, showing elegant and exquisite. Unlike other screen playing only single picture and video, Betvis 55” free standing digital signage kiosk support multiple screen display with the help of DSM80 software, the screen is divided into 3 zone, the top zone is for automobile exhibition, like car appearance, performance, and configurations.  The middle parts display new car promotions and Volvo Company events, the bottom area show rolling text, often RSS news of automobile trend.

Interactive with Consumers

With its IR touch screen and on demand program supported by DSM 80 software, consumers can easily check more info about the automobile model they interests by click “KNOW MORE” on the loop playlist on the screen.




After one month running in the pilot project in VOLVO 4s store in Xuhui, the kiosk and Digital signage system is proved to be trouble-free and smooth. The volve headquarter wants quicken the application and required that the interactive free standing kiosk should be installed over all the 4S stores in 3 months. According to its statistics report, the average passenger flow vlume and close rate both increased by 22% and 36% respectively , higher than everyone’s expectation.