WANDA shopping mall kiosks


As world’s largest commercial properties holding, managing and operating enterprise, Wanda spare no effort to advance the images of their brand in terms of shopping mall decoration and marketing on a global basis, especially in metropolis like Shanghai, Beijing. Over the past years, Betvis has manufactured hundreds of custom floor standing digital signage players for Wanda Group. Now people can easily find kiosks in Wanda shopping mall or real estate, from the entrance to the hall, elevator, retail store, lounge room, etc.

The custom-made kiosks in Wanda have several highlights compared with Betvis standard products. Equipped with high-sensitive camera with face recognition software, the totem features customer demographics, which can be used for big data analysis and application. It helps Wanda to deploy and modify their sales strategies based on the weekly and monthly report. Another feature is 3D way-finding map, and it can help customers find the position of their destination. Different ways of searching is provided, such as by brand, by floor and by promotion. More useful information, like bus and subway timetables, can be found in the kiosk.

“We benefit a lot from Betvis’ quality products and service these years. Now we have purchased hundreds of all-in-one digital signage players from Betvis, and we need much more in the near future, because we believe Betvis’ digital signage products will play an important role in promoting our corporate image and culture”, director of Wanda plaza in Shanghai said.