Working with the best Air Media


Airmedia is the second to none aviation media operators in China, occupies more than 90% of China's aviation digital media market share, it possesses traditional media resources of key airport in major cities iin China. Aiming to provide "digital and traditional" dual media tactical solution, Airmedia has covered Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other major airports in China.

Betvis has built a consolidate cooperation with Airmedia and become one of its major supplier of digital signage screens.  Over the past a few years, Betvis had manufactured up to 7,000 digial signage screens and kiosks for Airmedia, which were installed in Beijing Capital International Airport, Shanghai Pudong International Airport, Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, Shenzhen Bao’ an Airport, Chengdu Shuangliu Airport, etc.

About Shanghai Pudong Airport

Pudong Airport, located in Pudong, Shanghai, is one of the busiest airports in Asia, ranking third in terms of freight globally and 20th in terms of passenger volume.

Challenges for Shanghai Pudong International Airport

In the project for shanghai Pudong airport, Betvis encountered the unprecedented challenge. One is all 200 terminals should be completed and installed in a really tight budget in 2 months;  the second is that they required to customize different kiosks for different installation spots in the airport; the third is the complexity of the content, Airmedia was asked to show both flight info and flight info. The flight info is to serve the passengers and inform them with timetable, the commercial is to obtain advertisement revenue to balance the upfront investment on the device .

To meet their request in a tight budget, we designed a two in one floor standing kiosk, with a 55 inch screen at the bottom and 49 inch screen at the top. This is the most cost effective solution compared to 2 side kiosks. These kiosks were distributed in pillars aisles, departure lounge, arrival lobby etc, different content should be deployed on each of these kiosk.


Betvis Content Management System

Our DSM80 software is developed by our R&D, and upgraded 6 times over 10 year developing and revising, it is functional, stable and reliable. It supports unlimited player online on the server, the maximum we had tested is 10,000 player online at the same time. Pudong Airport rely on our digital signage system so much, the top 49 inch wall mounting display is playing flight info ( including flight time, delay, or cancellation, gate information etc ) and emergency if necessary, the bottom 55 inch screen is playing Full HD commercial videos and LIVE TV shows. The commercials is often repeated every half an hour intervals of the TV series.

One benefits the Airmedia the most is the statistics function, the DSM80 software allow uses to derive logs of each terminal connected on the server into excel form, which shows clearly the playback times of each items in the playlist (including picture and video) at a certain time duration, which helps Airmedia to charge from the advertisers greatly.


Till now, Airmedia is stilling adopting our DSM80 system, and all the kiosks installed in Pudong airport are working well with less than 1% annual failure rate, which are solved on site timely by Betvis workers in Shanghai.