Integrating Queue Management and Digital Signage

Queueing service is critical for digital signage system in hospitals, clinics and dentist’s offices. Patients should be entertained to relief anxiety and reminded when their turns come. Betvis solution allows one single digital signage display to satisfy all patients’ needs.

On one side of the display, funny video and scenery video are intended to entertain and relax viewers. The video files can update according to a scheduled playlist or be triggered on demand, or simply play in a loop mode.The source of the video can be TV channels as well, in case you are run out of video files.


The other side of the display is the queueing service part. Patients’ names and numbers will be shown and announced out loudly when their turns come.  A text line will be generated, informing the current name and number to go to the according room, which also can be announced in English or other languages.

Other necessary information can be added on screen as well, such as time clock, weather, doctor’s name, duty time, etc.

To make the queueing service work, Betvis can save you the trouble by integrating DSM8 digital signage software with your current patient system database. For more details please contact a Betvis sales team member.