TV Screen VS Digital Signage Display

In digital signage field, some newly-introduced consumers still have doubts on the difference of the digital signage screen and consumer TV screen. They often complain that why your advertising LCD screen is so expensive compared to TV screen, LCD screens shouldn’t be so expensive. Here we would like to explain the differences between TV screen and digital signage display, and make sure your every penny worth.

1. LCD panel

TV screen use modified panel, while DS display use industrial original panel.

2. Working hours and Panel Life span

TV can work only 12*7 with life span about 20,000 hours, while DS display support 24*7 long time working, life span over 50,000 hours.

3. Brightness and Display color

TV screen is 250 nits, and DS display with higher brightness 350 nits or above, and has a better display effect than the TV screen.

4. Installation ways

TV screen can be installed horizontally and display landscape only, while DS display support both vertical and horizontal installation.

5. Bezel and logo

TV screen has a broader bezel, and often has brand logo on the bezel, While DS display enjoys a slimmer bezel and can join together vertically or horizontally.

6. Multi function

TV screen can only display repetitive pictures and videos and updated at site, while DS screen with built in android system and integrated with free cms software. It support multi media formats, and can remote control the screen content by network.

7. Customization

TV screen with the standard size and appearance, which users can customized the DS screen on the housing color, silk screen logo, and panel brightness, I/O ports etc.